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Hello, i have a problem between V7.4.3 Cygwin and
V8.0RC2 W2K. I have 2 systems:

1. Production Machine
    - Dual P4 3000MHz
    - 2 GB RAM
    - W2K
    - PostgreSQL 7.4.3 under Cygwin
    - i connect to it over a DSL Line
2. Develop Machine
    - P4 1800MHz
    - 760 MB RAM
    - PostgreSQL Native Windows
    - local connection 100MB/FD

Both systems use the default postgresql.conf. Now the problem.
I have an (unoptimized, dynamic) query wich was execute on the
production machine over DSL in 2 seconds and on my develop
machine, connected over local LAN, in 119 seconds!

Whats this? I can not post the query details here public, its a commercial
project. Any first idea? I execute on both machine the same query with
the same database design!
Thomas Wegner
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