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Another man working to the bitter end this Christmas!

There could be many reasons, but maybe first you should look at the amount
of RAM available?  If the tables fit in RAM on the production server but not
on the dev server, then that will easily defeat the improvement due to using
the native DB version.

Why don't you install cygwin on the dev box and do the comparison using the
same hardware?


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> Hello, i have a problem between V7.4.3 Cygwin and
> V8.0RC2 W2K. I have 2 systems:
> 1. Production Machine
>     - Dual P4 3000MHz
>     - 2 GB RAM
>     - W2K
>     - PostgreSQL 7.4.3 under Cygwin
>     - i connect to it over a DSL Line
> 2. Develop Machine
>     - P4 1800MHz
>     - 760 MB RAM
>     - PostgreSQL Native Windows
>     - local connection 100MB/FD
> Both systems use the default postgresql.conf. Now the
> problem. I have an (unoptimized, dynamic) query wich was
> execute on the production machine over DSL in 2 seconds and
> on my develop machine, connected over local LAN, in 119 seconds!
> Whats this? I can not post the query details here public, its
> a commercial project. Any first idea? I execute on both
> machine the same query with the same database design!
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