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Patrick Logan <> writes:
> : CREATE LANGUAGE (command line utility 'createlang').  See the regression
> : test shell script (src/test/regress/ for an example using
> : plpgsql.  The PL's are not created and installed by default, apparently.

> Boy, the documentation sure read to me like all that was supposed to
> be done automatically by the Makefile when configured for pltcl.
> Not a big deal, but it wasn't clear to me this had to be done for each
> database created. Is this a bug in the documentation?

Probably.  You should be able to just use the createlang utility without
worrying about the details, but I don't think that the install process
ought to do it for you.  The procedural languages are supposed to be
installable on a per-database basis, in case you want them in some
databases and not others.

You *can* do a one-time install of a language for a whole installation,
by installing the language into template1 before you create any working
databases --- this works because "create database" clones whatever is in
template1.  (I believe that holds for anything you stick in template1,
BTW, not just languages.)

But if the install process were to install pltcl into template1 just
because you had chosen to build pltcl, then you'd lose the option of
only having it in some of your databases.

Bottom line: I think the install process is correct as is, but the docs
need to be updated to mention these considerations.

            regards, tom lane

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