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In my opinion it depends on the application, the priority of the application
and whether or not it is a commercially sold product, but depending on your
needs you might want to consider having a 3rd party vendor who has expertise
in this process review and help tune the application.  One vendor that I
know does this is EnterpriseDB.  I've worked with other SQL engines and have
a lot of experience tuning queries in a couple of the environments but
PostGresql isn't one of them.  Having an experienced DBA review your system
can make the difference between night and day.

Best Regards

Michael Gould

"Kevin Grittner" <> wrote:
> Yogesh Naik <> wrote:
>> I am performing a DB insertion and update for 3000+ records and
>> while doing so i get CPU utilization to 100% with 67% of CPU used
>> by postgres....
>> I have also done optimization on queries too...
>> Is there any way to optimized the CPU utilization for postgres....
> We'd need a lot more information before we could make useful
> suggestions.  Knowing something about your hardware, OS, exact
> PostgreSQL version, postgresql.conf contents, the table definition,
> any foreign keys or other constraints, and exactly how you're doing
> the inserts would all be useful.  Please read this and repost:
> -Kevin
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