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"Sabin Coanda" <> wrote:

> I have just a function returning a cursor based on a single coplex
> query. When I check the execution plan of that query it takes
> about 3 seconds. Just when it is used inside the function it
> freezes.
> This is the problem, and this is the reason I cannot imagine what
> is happen.
> Also I tried to recreate the function as it was before when it run
> in 3 seconds, but I cannot make it to run properly now.

You've given three somewhat confusing and apparently contradictory
descriptions of the problem or problems you've had with slow queries
-- all on one thread.  You would probably have better luck if you
start with one particular issue and provided more of the information
suggested here:

If we can solve one problem, perhaps the resolution to the others
will become apparent; otherwise follow up with the next.


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