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At 1:27p -0500 on 01 Dec 2007, Josh Berkus wrote:
> First off, I wasn't suggesting that we take people off the list of
> contributors if they're not on "my" list.  For one thing, I don't think
> we should take people off until they haven't contributed in a few years
> (the time should vary with the size of the original contribution, with
> big contributors eventually going on the "former contributor" list).
> Second, the list I made does not include drivers, GUIs, replication, and
> other "essential add-ons" which we've conventionally included with the
> list of contribs.

If I might chime it, it sounds like you're saying "if code they've
written is still around and in use, then they should be counted as
contributors."  May be that won't exactly work because of "active" and
"inactive" contributors, but this information is basically an annotized
diff is, isn't it?


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