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shared_buffers = 32

I don't have much experience in tuning the database, but I think there is a problem with a fragmentation of memory or so.
I don't known backgrounds.


Shridhar Daithankar schrieb:
On Tuesday 01 July 2003 13:17, Juraj Porada wrote: 
I insert data every second in my table. Every minute I delete from the
table some row to keep max 10000 rows in the table.
At the beginning deletes consume about 20% CPU time. After 24 houts
every delete needs up tu 100% CPU time (updates too).
Vacuuming doesn't help.
After I restart postmaster, it works again very quick.
Any ideas?   
Postmaster does not consume CPU for simple things like this unless it does not 
have enough shared buffers. 

What is your shared buffer setting? Can you tune it according to available 
RAM, dataset size and type of workload?

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