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> I think this should be a closed list run by the Linux Foundation.

Why's that? I'm willing to put up a list we can use for discussion.

> Because some members of the community have a conflict of interest, I'm
> not certain we can have a certification endorsed by "the whole community".

Depends on what you call "endorsed". Nobody expects us to say this is the one
and only.

> I would be willing to review the test questions (and suggest some), as
> well as reviewing overall coverage.

Ok, thanks. BTW we're not talking questions here, but tasks to be performed.

> However, the first question we should have with this is "what problem
> are we solving?"
> That is, are the EnterpriseDB/SRA/etc. certifications not good enough?

At the very least they are not vendor neutral.

> to make money off PostgreSQL.  If there is a deficiency, we need to make
> sure that an LF certification will address that specific deficiency.

Again, by its very setup I think it solves the major problem.

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