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Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
> Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
> > Bruce Momjian wrote:
> >> Should we have this information on our web site somewhere?
> >
> > I just added an initial version of a list on the new wiki. There is
> > still plenty missing as I just wanted to get something up there quickly:
> >
> Ok finally had time to work on this some more .. this time on my own wiki:

Correction.  There is Powergres, by SRA, and Powergres Plus by Fujitsu.
Both are proprietary.  Powergres is native Win32 port before we the
community had one, and Powergres Plus has a fujitsu-developed storage
engine replacing the community one.


> I am not sure on some of the information (especially licenses). Also I
> am not sure what other relevant information should be on there. Maybe a
> separate column for the company name or a column with information on the
> availability (from when til when the db was available). Maybe there are
> some variants missing?
> Please just add a comment on the wiki or reply here and I will add it to
> the table. If someone points me that the necessary steps to get this
> list added to the official site I would also be willing to write the
> necessary patch.
> regards,
> Lukas
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