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On 2005-04-10, "John Hansen" <> wrote:
> That's right, dono how I missed that one, but looks correct to me, and
> is in line with the code in ConvertUTF.c from, on which I
> based the patch, extended to support 6 byte utf8 characters.

Frankly, you should probably de-extend it back down to 4 bytes. That's
enough to encode the Unicode range of 0x000000 - 0x10FFFF, and enough
other stuff would break if anyone allocated a character outside that
range that I don't think it it worth worrying about. (Even the ISO
people have agreed to conform to that limitation.) Even if insanity
struck simultaneously at both standards bodies, 4 bytes is enough to
go to 0x1FFFFF so there is still substantial slack. (A number of other
specifications based on utf-8 have removed the 5 and 6 byte sequences
too, so there is substantial precedent for this.)

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