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In article <40361DBE.3636.10FEBF@localhost>,
<> writes:

> Hi All,
> I am using Linux 7.2 and postgresql 7.2.

> Our Office hours are over at 6pm but we use to keep our server
> running 24 hours a day.  On the second day morning, Our PGSQL
> Server becomes very slow.

> After continuous usage of one hour, It gradually starts responding
> faster ! This has become every day routine !

> do u have any idea related to this !!!! Is there any other reason that I
> need to check up?

> Please any any idea to get relief daily morning problem !!

I guess you're doing a VACUUM at night which invalidates the buffer
cache.  If that's what happens, it's easy to fix: run some dummy
queries after the VACUUM which cause the buffer cache to get filled.

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