DataFiller 1.1.5 released

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Тема: DataFiller 1.1.5 released
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DataFiller - generate random data from database schema

**DataFiller** generates random data from a database schema enriched with
simple directives in SQL comments to drive eleven data generators which
cover typical data types. Reasonable defaults are provided, especially
based on key and type constraints, so that few directives are necessary.
The minimum setup is to specify the relative size of tables with directive
*mult* so that the data generation can be scaled.

New features since 1.1.2 include:
  - some support for `ALTER TABLE`
  - directives can be put out of declarations
  - new generators for INET, CIDR and MACADDR
  - improved documentation

See the

The script is written in Python. License is GPLv3.

Run with option *--test=library* or *--test=comics* and look at the output
for didactic examples.


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