Question of performance of version 8

Тема: Question of performance of version 8
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I tried performance test of version 8.0.0 beta4 by osdl-dbt-1.
The result is that throughput of version 8 fell to about 70 percent
compared with V7.4.6.
Test result is below. (measurement was repeated 3 times)

Hardware spec
 CPU   Pentium Ⅲ  531.986 MHz
 Memory  125660 Kb
Software version
 OS Linux Kernel:2.4.21-4.EL
 Distribution: Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3
Result(transaction per second)
             first  second third
  7.4.6      6.8    6.8    5.9
  8.0 beta4   4.3    4.6   4.4
Parameter of DBT1,PostgreSQL
 Database Size (items): 1000
 Database Size (customers): 10
 number of cache: 1
 number of connections between cache and database: 10
 number of application server: 1
 number of connections between server and database: 20
 number of drivers: 1
 eus/driver: 100
 rampuprate/driver: 60
 duration/driver: 900
 thinktime/driver: 1.6
 Put WAL on different driver: 0
 Put pgsql_tmp on different driver: 0
 database parameters: -i -c listen_addresses='*'
 shmmax: 33554432

- Both version 8 and version 7 are performed under the same condition.
- Tuning of adjustment of a parameter was not carried out at all.
- The server and client process are performed in the same machine.

Is there the weak point on the performance in version 8.0.0 ?

Any help would greatly appreciated.


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