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I would do the following (in that order):
1.) Check for a performant application logic and application design (e.g.
degree of granularity of the Java Hibernate Mapping, are there some
object iterators with hundreds of objects, etc.)
2.) Check the hibernate generated queries and whether the query is
suitable or not. Also do a "explain query" do see the query plan.

Sometimes a manually generated is much more efficient than hibernate ones.

3.) Optimize the database e.g. postgresql.



On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Shohab Abdullah wrote:

> Dear,
> We are facing performance tuning problem while using PostgreSQL Database
> over the network on a linux OS.
> Our Database consists of more than 500 tables with an average of 10K
> records per table with an average of 20 users accessing the database
> simultaneously over the network. Each table has indexes and we are
> querying the database using Hibernate.
> The biggest problem is while insertion, updating and fetching of records,
> ie the database performance is very slow. It take a long time to respond
> in the above scenario.
> Please provide me with the tuning of the database. I am attaching my
> postgresql.conf file for the reference of our current configuration
> Please replay me ASAP
> Regards,
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