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On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Josh Berkus wrote:

> Adam,
>> On the surface, looks like a job for GIN, but GIN seems undocumented,
>> specifically mentions it doesn't support the deletes we'll have many of
>> since it's designed for word searching apparently, the performance
>> implications are undocumented. I searched, I read, and even IRC'd, and
>> it seems like GIN is just not used much.
> It's new (as of 8.2).  And the authors, Oleg and Teodor, are notorious for
> skimpy documetentation.

We're getting better, we have 72 pages written about new FTS :)

> I'd start with the code in INTARRAY contrib module (also by Teodor) and bug
> them on pgsql-hackers about helping you implement a GIN index for arrays.

GIN already has support for one dimensional arrays and intarray, particularly,
too has support of GiN.

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