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Robert J. Sanford, Jr. writes:

> first, i would have greatly appreciated the FAQ saying
> that the current release of the cygwin binaries also
> includes a binary distribution of postgres so that if
> i don't particularly want to build from source (i don't)
> then i don't have to.

Well, the installation instructions document how to build from source.  If
you don't want to build from source then you shouldn't be reading the
installation instructions. ;-)  Also, we cannot possibly keep track of
what other vendors ship in their product.  Possible consequences might be
people complaining that we pointed them to <other guys>, but <other guys>
only ship an older version.

> second, the faq doesn't mention anything about applying
> patches just so the source code can build.

That's because at the time of release we had confirmation that PostgreSQL
built according to the instructions (a.k.a. "out of the box") on Cygwin.

> the current code base requires that at least one patch be applied for
> version issues with readline before the build will succeed.

That version of readline wasn't released (or widely available?) at the
time of release of the version you're looking at.  However, the latest
version does not have these problems.

> while the frequency that versions come out at may prohibit updating
> the documentation the online faq should be updated to reflect the
> latest news.

Documentation is only released with new software releases.  The FAQs are
no different here.

> the next issue with the documentation is that it doesn't
> seem to mention the fact that there ANY binary
> distributions!

We don't make binary releases, so we cannot document them.

> the final documentation issue is that the PDF does not
> have any bookmarks. this means that i have to manually
> scroll through the document in order to hit a section
> that i want instead of nicely double-clicking on a
> bookmark to go there instantly.

If you have a clue how to create them, let us know.

Peter Eisentraut

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