Re: 8.0.1 performance question.

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Тема: Re: 8.0.1 performance question.
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8.0.1 performance question.  (<>, )
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   Re: 8.0.1 performance question.  (Kris Jurka, )

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005  wrote:

> Thank you for the quick response.  To help me debug what's happening,
> can you tell me what's the difference between the 7.4 and 8.0 jdbc
> drivers in this regard?  Is this something that is newly introduced in
> 8.0?  Or is this something that has always been happening?

8.0 is the first driver version to take advantage of the V3 protocol's
ability to return the base tables and columns of a ResultSet.
Previously isNullable was hardcoded to always return
columnNullableUnknown and isAutoIncrement always returned false.

I guess the question is why are you calling these methods if they didn't
work previously?

Kris Jurka

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