PostgreSQL v7.0 - Release Candidate 2

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Тема: PostgreSQL v7.0 - Release Candidate 2
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In order to allow for testing of those changes implemented since RC1 was
put out last week, we've just created a Release Candidate 2.  The only
change(s) between this Release Candidate and the full, Final Release, is
the doc updates that Thomas Lockhart is currently working on ...

This release is once more available as:

Or multi-parts, as:

Marc G. Fournier                   ICQ#7615664               IRC Nick: Scrappy
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primary:            secondary: scrappy@{freebsd|postgresql}.org

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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 14:08:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: PostgreSQL Main <>
Subject: PostgreSQL v7.0 - Release Candidate 2

- More libpgeasy update of connectdb() parameter ordering
- Update pgeasy examples
- Aix patches from Zeugswetter Andrea
- Fix libpq example return values
- List of available pg_options items was a tad out-of-date.
- Update COPY manual page for \N.
- Fix \N mention in manual
- Update obsolete info in CREATE INDEX ref page.
- Clean up description of SET CONSTRAINTS.
- change reindex ERROR/NOTICE message
- Check that user-specified opclass in CREATE INDEX corresponds to operators
  that will actually work on the column datatype.
- Produce an appropriate error message when opclass is not supported by
  specified index access method.  Clean up wording of some existing error
  messages, too.
- Correct oversight in hashjoin cost estimation: nodeHash sizes its hash
  table for an average of NTUP_PER_BUCKET tuples/bucket, but cost_hashjoin
  was assuming a target load of one tuple/bucket.  This was causing a
  noticeable underestimate of hashjoin costs.
- Tweak outUnique to include uniqColIdx[] field in the printout.  This does
  not cause any compatibility problems because stored rules don't contain
  plan nodes --- in fact, we don't even have a readfunc for Unique nodes.
- Repair problem noted by Elphick: make_rels_by_joins failed to handle
  cases where joinclauses were present but some joins have to be made
  by cartesian-product join anyway.
- Repair coredump seen when a view refers to an inheritance group
  (SELECT FROM table*).
- On HPUX, shl_load should be called with options BIND_IMMEDIATE rather
- -D switch to postmaster should override any PGDATA environment variable
  that might be hanging about.
- Except_Intersect_Rewrite() failed to ignore resjunk targetlist entries,
- Correct error in rewriter that caused SELECT count(*) FROM view
  to give wrong results:
- Also, make 'modified' flag be local to ApplyRetrieveRule:
- Setting statistic options from SET PG_OPTIONS caused a backend crash
  because StatFp never got set in that case.
- 7.0 buffer manager can support different backends running with different
  fsync settings, so the -F option no longer needs to be treated as secure.
- Clean up const-vs-not-const compiler warning in MULTIBYTE code.
- initdb didn't always remove temp file
- Update pg_ctl so that it does not redirect outputs from postmaster
  to a temp file.
- Fix \h to not go past array bounds
- Fix still more static-declaration-vs-nonstatic-definition glitches.
- Our test to see if we had permission to install into Perl5 install area
  always failed if Perl makefile's INSTALLSITELIB variable was specified
  in terms of another variable.  Fix by adding an echo-installdir target
  to the Perl makefile, which the upper-level Makefile can invoke.
- Allow libpq++ compile failure to stop entire compile.
- Make ECPGraise's str parameter const to suppress warnings from gcc
  and errors from pickier compilers.
- Clean up ecpg test files.
- Remove  It is generated by the compile.
- Update libpgeasy readme.
- Change libpgeasy to take dbname at end like all other interfaces.
- Remove broken tracing code (which would be dangerous if it did work...)
- Make c++ examples return 0 from main().
- Update example: PgLargeObject constructor now takes a conninfo string,
  not a bare database name.
- Security fix for plperl.
- plpgsql RAISE statement was careless about the possibility of a NULL
  field value being displayed;
- pltcl didn't work well at all when Tcl had been built with a different
  compiler than the one selected to build Postgres with.
- Remove -qhalt=w flag from aix42.
- Finally figured out that HP's cpp won't do ANSI preprocessing constructs
  unless you feed it -Aa or -Ae switch.
- Add a regress test case for SELECT count(*) FROM view, so that we'll
  know if that case ever breaks again...

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