PostgreSQL v7.0 - Release Candidate 1

От: Marc G. Fournier
Тема: PostgreSQL v7.0 - Release Candidate 1
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Morning all ...

    This morning, I created our first Release Candidate, with our
current release date set for May 1st (+/- a couple of days) ...

    This release(s) major change is the LIKE estimator fixes that Tom
Lane put in, as well as the reformating of the code, using pgindent, as
performed by Bruce ...

    Release Candidate 1 still doesn't have all the documentation
issues squared away, but is considered to be our first *stable* version of
the server.

    Please download the current tar file from:

    or from any of our many mirrors ...

    Please report any bugs/problems to  ...

Marc G. Fournier                               
Systems Administrator @
scrappy@{postgresql|isc}.org                       ICQ#7615664

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