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Morning all ...

    Well, this afternoon we took the plunge and installed PostgreSQL
v7.0beta5 on one of our servers, to see if/how much of a difference that
would make on performance of UDMSearch, for the web site.  We also moved
it over to a Dual-PIII server, so that helps a little bit too ...

    Right now, the database is being re-loaded, which is going to take
a fair bit of time to do, but, it is being re-loaded.

    As things stand right now, with ~5k pages loaded, she feels *very*
responsive, but there are just a few pages left to go, so we'll see.

    Please feel free to go try things out and report any problems to
us, so that we can look into them ...

Thanks ...

Marc G. Fournier                   ICQ#7615664               IRC Nick: Scrappy
Systems Administrator @ hub.org
primary:            secondary: scrappy@{freebsd|postgresql}.org

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