[Announce] Aubit 4gl, Informix-4gl compatible OpenSource GNU compiler project

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Тема: [Announce] Aubit 4gl, Informix-4gl compatible OpenSource GNU compiler project
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To Informix and 4gl database developer and user communities

One of biggest prerequisites to entering corporate space for any
platform is availability of business oriented applications. Linux and
OpenSource software in general made a big progress in that direction,
but OpenSource tools required to write business related, database
oriented applications are still in short supply. In traditional
corporate IT space, Fourth Generation Languages are important part of
Corporate IT infrastructure. Aubit 4GL compiler project is an attempt to
fill this gap.

Aubit 4gl development team has today announced phase 2 in the
development of Aubit 4gl compiler. Until today, we limited the number of
developers that participated on the project. We now feel that Aubit 4gl
is ready for a wider audience, and are ready to start phase 2 of the

"Aubit 4GL" (A4GL) is an Informix(TM)-4GL compatible compiler initially
developed by Mike Aubury, of Aubit Computing Ltd. On top of I-4GL
compatibility it already provides many additional functional,
architectural and syntax enhancements. Our ultimate goal is to make a
familiar, successful, robust and productive environment of 4gl database
oriented programming language even more appealing to database
applications software developers.

As of today, the development of A4GL is entering a new phase.
Distributed under GPL/GNU license, the compiler will continue to be
developed and maintained as OpenSource cooperative project open to all
interested individuals and organizations.

OpenSource development will be coordinated from, and hosted by
SourceForge, with full set of development environment tools at the
disposal to participating developers, all accessible over the Internet,
to facilitate the distributed development process.

All interested individuals and organizations, including commercial
vendors, are invited to join us in this development process. Please
visit Aubit 4gl home page for more information, source code download,
precompiled binary builds and manuals.

Please note that there are many different ways you can participate in
the development process, from developing the source code itself,
enhancing the documentation and managing parts of development process,
to using the compiler, reporting problems and participating in
discussions. As with any other OpenSource project, all are equally
important for the success of our
project, and are equally appreciated.

Please consider this announcement as an open invitation to join us in
providing more alternatives to developers and users that appreciate the
productive environment of 4gl language.

Please visit:

Aubit 4gl home page:

Aubit 4gl project development home:

For Aubit 4GL development team,
Andrej Falout

Yours, Andrej Falout, http://www.falout.com/disclaimer.html
Visit the OpenSource alternative, Aubit 4gl:

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