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,--- You/Divakar (Wed, 8 Dec 2010 21:17:22 -0800 (PST)) ----*
| So it means there will be visible impact if the nature of DB interaction is DB
| insert/select. We do that mostly in my app.

You can't say a "visible impact" unless you can measure it in your
specific application.

Let's say ODBC takes 10 times of .001 sec for libpq.  Is this a
"visible impact"?

| Performance difference would be negligible if the query is server intensive
| where execution time is far more than time taken by e.g. communication interface
| or transaction handling.
| Am I right?

You've got to measure -- there are too many variables to give you the
answer you are trying to get.

To a different question, "Would I use ODBC to work with PostgreSQL if
I had the option of using libpq?", I'd certainly answer, "No".

You'd need to have the option of using libpq, though.  ODBC takes care
of a lot of difficult details for you, and libpq's higher performance
may turn out to be a loss for you, in your specific situation.

-- Alex --  --

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