pgreplay log file replayer released

От: Albe Laurenz
Тема: pgreplay log file replayer released
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I announce the first release of pgreplay, version 0.9.0 (Beta).

Project home page:

pgreplay reads a PostgreSQL log file (*not* a WAL file),
extracts the SQL statements and executes them in the same order
and relative time against a PostgreSQL database cluster.

If the execution of statements gets behind schedule, warning
messages are issued that indicate that the server cannot handle
the load in a timely fashion.
The idea is to replay a real-world database workload as exactly
as possible.

pgreplay is useful for performance tests, particularly in the
following situations:

* You want to compare the performance of your PostgreSQL
  application on different hardware or different operating systems.
* You want to upgrade your database and want to make sure that
  the new database version does not suffer from performance
  regressions that affect you.

 * Should compile and run on any platform that PostgreSQL supports
 * Can replay the workload at different speeds
 * Can parse "stderr" and "csvlog" log files
 * Can save workload to replay in "replay file" for reuse


Laurenz Albe

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