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- I have a problem with some files on a postgresql  9.0 on windows:


2013-05-10 12:49:08 EDT ERROR:  could not stat file "base/773074/30352481": Permission denied

2013-05-10 12:49:08 EDT STATEMENT:  SELECT pg_database_size($1) AS size;


I know what does it means: the statistic pooler can`t access the file.

It is a only database server without antivirus (but on a windows cluster machine)


- on disk, the file is shown as a 0-octet file, and there is no security tab when I try to get information.

It looks like this file has been created, opened, and not yet close (or written)


- when I try to get more information on the file with `oid2name` it is unable to give me information:

S:\PostgreSQL\9.0\data\base>"C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.0\bin\oid2name.exe" -

U postgres -d mydb -f 30352481


From database "lxcal":

  Filenode  Table Name



Certainly because the pg_stat worker can access it, so don`t have info on it?


I tried also:

  select * from pg_class where oid=30352481;

but didn't got anything


- This same file is owned by a postgresql backend thread (with `process explorer`) I see that the file is owned by a postgresql --forkbackend with pid 3520

I tried to see what the 3520 process is doing. It is in "<IDLE>"

It is not statistic worker (it is not "postgresql --backcol")


I thought it was maybe a file locked, so I check pg_locks with:


select pg_class.relname, pg_locks.virtualtransaction, pg_locks.mode, pg_locks.granted as "g",

substr(pg_stat_activity.current_query,1,30), pg_stat_activity.query_start,

age(now(),pg_stat_activity.query_start) as "age", pg_stat_activity.procpid

from pg_stat_activity,pg_locks

left outer join pg_class on

(pg_locks.relation = pg_class.oid)

where pg_locks.pid=pg_stat_activity.procpid

order by query_start;


my process (pid 3520) is not listed has having lock.


How can I debug to know what is going on?

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