psqlODBC 08.01.0100 Released

От: Dave Page
Тема: psqlODBC 08.01.0100 Released
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After a long development period, I'm pleased to announce the release of
version 08.01.0100 of psqlODBC, the PostgreSQL ODBC Driver.

This release represents a major change to the driver over previous versions;
in particular, the network code has been replaced with the PostgreSQL libpq
library. This allows us to more easily take advantage of updates and new
features that might be introduced to the PostgreSQL wire protocol, and also
allowed us to upgrade straight away to the version 3 protocol which was
previously unsupported. We were also able to add SSL support, as well as
Kerberos authentication support.

From this release, two versions of the driver are provided for Windows,
'PostgreSQL ANSI' which supports single and multibyte applications through
the ANSI ODBC API, and 'PostgreSQL Unicode' which provides Unicode support
through the Unicode ODBC API. On Unix systems, the driver type may be
selected via a configure option.

psqlODBC may be downloaded from
in source, Windows Installer, merge module, and basic zip file formats.

Please post any bug reports to the  mailing list.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved with the
development, testing and bug fixing of the updated driver.

Dave Page
PostgreSQL Core Team

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