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Hey guys,

The most difficult question I get when I'm on a PostgreSQL booth is
"What is PostgreSQL's market share ?". I often espond with questions :
"How do you measure that ?", "What does "market share" even mean for an
Open Source project ?", etc. etc.

These are interesting discussions but that's not what people want to
hear. They want numbers and so far we don't have that many statistics to

There's the DB Engines Ranking, which has already been discussed here a
lot :

There's also the Google Search Trends :,%2Fm%2F01vw9z,%2Fm%2F04y3k,SQL%20Server&hl=fr&sni=1

Both of them evaluate the state of the competition "as of today" but
it's also interesting to look at the problem in term of progression and

Yesterday I found a nice stats here :

This is a stat based on the jobs offers published on the monthly "Who is
Hiring" threads of Hacker News. These jobs are mainly offered by
startups in USA so that's only a subset of the entire IT Industry. But
that's probably the most dynamic and leading subpart. In French we say
"avant-garde" :)

Anyway this trend is not suprising in itself but it's a nice
illustration of the difference between "current position" and
"velocity". Instead of answering where PostgreSQL is right now it's more
interesting to answer with where PostgreSQL will be in the near future.

Damien Clochard

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