RHQ 3.0.0 (final) has been released (includes Jopr)

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Тема: RHQ 3.0.0 (final) has been released (includes Jopr)
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The RHQ and development team is proud to have released the final version 3.0.0  of the RHQ Systems management and
monitoringsoftware - this release contains the Jopr bits as it has been the case for all the recent community releases. 

RHQ is a management platform for everything from the OS level load and network metrics through common databases to
applicationservers and projects. The system includes support for monitoring and/or managing Apache httpd, Apache
Tomcat,JBoss Application Server, PostgreSQL, and other popular open source projects. RHQ runs on PostgreSQL 8.2.4+ and
Oracleas backend databases and is written in Java. 

RHQ features a powerful agent plugin model that allows for the quick development of monitoring and management support
fornew projects and software. It supports inventory auto-discovery, rich monitoring and alerting, operational control,
configurationmanagement, content deployment, log tracking, and full history and auditing. It supports fine-grained
securityand rich group management. 

This release delivers a lot of new functionality as well as many bugfixes. Highlights are
    • Server side plugins - extend the server functionality by writing plugins
        • Pluggable alert notification senders - write your own alert notification senders to e.g. integrate with a
troubleticket system 
    • Provisioning - deploy software centrally to managed platforms
    • Improved Search possibilities for the inventory
    • Support for Authorization via LDAP groups
    • Support for Oracle 11g

You can learn more about RHQ (and download it) at http://rhq-project.org/ where you will also find the release notes
( http://rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Release+Notes+3.0.0 )

Dzone als has a very nice article summarizing the new release at

Heiko Rupp   
Blog: http://javablogs.com/ViewBlog.action?id=14468

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