[ANNOUNCE] pgDay Paris 2017 Call for Papers

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Тема: [ANNOUNCE] pgDay Paris 2017 Call for Papers
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pgDay Paris 2017 will be held in Paris, France on March 23, 2017. It
will feature a full day with a single track of PostgreSQL presentations
from both local and global speakers, covering a wide range of topics.
For more information about the conference, please see our website.

We are currently accepting proposals for presentations at the
conference. We are interested in submissions from both seasoned
PostgreSQL experts and people new to the community, from both locals and
representatives of the global community.  In short, from anybody who has
an interesting story to tell about PostgreSQL, whether deeply technical
or story about a successful (or failed) usage.

This year we are accepting submissions in cooperation with Nordic PGDay
which will be held two days before pgDay Paris. A select number of
speakers may be invited to give their presentation at both events. If
you are interested in doing this, please pick the track for both
conferences in your submission.

The deadline for submission is January 9, 2017.

All presentations are in English, and approximately 45 minutes, with
time for questions.  Please see the website at
http://2017.pgday.paris/callforpapers/ for details.

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