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On 2015-09-24 3:55 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Darren Duncan wrote:
>> Isn't this group moderated or have some kind of controls?  Usually I never
>> see spam/scams on tech lists like this, but the last 2 posts were that way.
> It is.  In fact, 3 emails were posted in between those two you mention
> that weren't distributed (and in other lists, many many more are quietly
> rejected every day).  The trouble is that these two posts were made from
> addresses that had been previously subscribed to some lists and had been
> taken over by bots; so the messages weren't held for moderation.  I
> removed the addresses from the register, so it shouldn't happen again
> from those two addresses.  Of course, there are others :-(

Understood.  And in practice, auto-moderating only messages from unsubscribed
people is the only really practical way to manage a list with low overhead. --
Darren Duncan

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