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On 5/15/2012 9:21 AM, Віталій Тимчишин wrote:
> We've reached to the point when we would like to try SSDs. We've got a
> central DB currently 414 GB in size and increasing. Working set does
> not fit into our 96GB RAM server anymore.
> So, the main question is what to take. Here what we've got:
> 1) Intel 320. Good, but slower then current generation sandforce drives
> 2) Intel 330. Looks like cheap 520 without capacitor
> 3) Intel 520. faster then 320 No capacitor.
> 4) OCZ Vertex 3 Pro - No available. Even on OCZ site
> 5) OCZ Deneva - can't find in my country :)

Is the 710 series too costly for your deployment ?
I ask because that would be the obvious choice for a database (much
better write endurance than any of the drives above, and less likely to
suffer from firmware bugs or unpleasant GC behavior).
We've been running them in production for a few months with zero
problems and great performance.
The price on the 710's tends to vary on whether they're in stock :
NewEgg is currently showing $1100 for the 300G drive, but no stock.

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