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phpPgAdmin 5.0 Released
- -------------------------------

29th November 2010

The phpPgAdmin Team is proud to announce the new major release of
phpPgAdmin. Version 5.0 add many new features, bug fixes and updated
translations over the previous version.

This version has been tested before and during 2 betas release.
Moreover, our new automated selenium tests is able to run against
PostgreSQL 7.4 up to the latest 9.0.

Since the last 4.2 release, a lot of bugs have been fixed and a fair
amount of code have been cleaned up.

We already have many great ideas for the next 5.1, and are looking
forward to start working on the 5.1-dev branch !

- --------

To download phpPgAdmin 5.0 right now, visit:

New Features
- ------------

 * Support for PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0
 * Support for database level collation for 8.4+
 * Support for schema level export
 * Add ability to alter schema ownership
 * Clean up domain support and improve interface
 * Add support for commenting on functions
 * Allow user to rename role/users and set new passwords at the same  time
 * Greatly enhanced Full-Text-Search capabilities (ioguix, Loomis_K)
 * Overhauled Selenium Test suite to support multiple database versions
 * Optimized application graphics (Limo Driver)
 * Support for Column Level Privileges
 * Allow users to specify a template database at database creation time
 * Support killing processes
 * Add ability to create indexes concurrently
 * Much better support of autovacuum configuration
 * Add an admin page for table level
 * Refactored autocompletion:
 * fix support for cross-schema objects
 * support multi-field FK
 * support for pagination of values in the auto-complete list
 * Allow user to logicaly group their server under custom named node in
the browser tree
 * Add a theme switcher on the introduction page
 * Add themes "Blue/Green" by Tomasz Pala and "Cappuccino" by ioguix
 * Auto refresh Locks page
 * Auto refresh Processes page
 * Link in the bottom of the page to go to top of page
 * Browsing on Foreign Keys (When browsing a table, clicking on a FK
value, jump to the PK row)

 * added Czech (Marek Cernocky)
 * added Greek (Adamantios Diamantidis)
 * added Galician (Adrián Chaves Fernández)
 * added Brazillian Portuguese (Fernando Wendt)
 * Updated Spanish translation(Miguel Useche)
 * Updated French translation (JG 'ioguix' de Rorthais)
 * Updated Catalan translation (Bernat Pegueroles)

Bug Fix
 * Fix problems with query tracking on overly long queries
 * Ensure pg_dump paths are valid
 * Fix multiple bugs about quoting and escaping database objects names
with special chars
 * Fix multiple bugs in the browser tree
 * Fix multiple bugs on the SQL and script file import form
 * One security fix about code injection
 * Don't allow inserting on a table without fields
 * Some fix about commenting databases
 * removed deprecated functions from PHP 5.3
 * Lot of code cleanup
 * Many other small minor bugs found on our way
 * Fix bug #3068680 "child tables info uses wrong field name", reported
by langerheiko
 * Fix bug #3071816 "First column in a SQL result missing", reported by
 * Multiple fixes about auto-completing Foreign Keys in forms, one bug
reported by Dmitry Koterov
 * Fix bug #2876417 "SQL window too small size to see bottom buttons
(Execute)", reported by Philippe Cloutier
 * A tryout to fix some bad escaped chars that are breaking the left
browser tree with some specific locale configuration
 * Remove "display_errors = on" by default (only useful during development)
 * Re-enable the edit privilege button for functions. Reported by
Jaroslav Hanslík
 * Fix #3081361 "UPDATE NOT OK in 5.0-beta2", reported by Der Michel
 * Fix for bug #3092826 "schema owner is blank for role with nologin",
reported by Sompop
 * Fix bug "double-escaping of non-latin 'All servers' message fix",
reported by Denis Orlikhin
 * Compatibility fix for the operator properties page

 * No longer support PHP < 5.0
 * No longer support Postgres < 7.4

- ----

Please, note that the parameter "date.timezone" should be set in your
php.ini conf file. Since version 5.1, PHP might issue a NOTICE or a
WARNING if your setup is not valid or missing.

See for more informations

- --
The phpPgAdmin Team
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