PostgreSQLFr launches a Call For Projects !

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Тема: PostgreSQLFr launches a Call For Projects !
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====== PGFR : Call For Projects ======

The year 2009 was exceptional for the French PostgreSQL Community with
European Conference "PGDay" taking place in Paris. This is the largest
conference dedicated to PostgreSQL ever organized throughout Europe to date.

This success brought nifty benefit to PostgreSQLFr (French Speaking
PostgreSQL User Group). Or put simply: PostgreSQLFr got enough money to
sustain its activity for years and continues to receive more money than
it spends!

Members of PostgreSQLFr decided to launch a call for projects in 2010 to
redistribute a share of the funds, to help projects in the French
speaking PostgreSQL Community.

Actually PostgreSQLFr is proposing to fund projects with envelopes from
1000€ to 4000€, depending on the expressed needs. These envelopes could
be used to pay back travels, hardware, printing costs, rental or any
other costs involved in achieving the project. Costs would be paid back
by the association on original invoice reception. Part or full
internship could also be funded. Costs could be paid in advance if

===== Who can participate ? =====

Funds are opened to anyone, worldwide, at any age or technical skill.

Candidate projects must respect the following requirements :

  * Project must target  "PostgreSQL and the French speaking community".
  * Copyright holding (upon work results such as code, documents and
images) remains to project actors but produced results must be licenced
under a free licence (BSD or CC-BY-NC-SA preferred).
  * The project must not be targeted on making money. This is not an
enterprise development project funding!
  * Each project must define an anytime-reachable person for
communication with PostgreSQLFr.
  * Each project must publish feedback and reports

===== Who will decide ? =====

  * Candidates projects will be presented to PostgreSQLFr members.
Members will select the projects and grant them budget/envelopes.
  * PostgreSQLFr members involved into candidates projects cannot
participate to project selection.
  * Selected projects will be notified on March the 21st 2011

===== Projects Examples  =====

  * Posters and promotional material
  * Event organization for PostgreSQL 9.0
  * French translation of a PostgreSQL ecosystem software
  * Conference, workshop, tutorial
  * Feature or software development

===== What do I need to be candidate ?  =====

Candidatures must be sent to PostgreSQLFr before February the 28th 2011.
Candidatures must be composed of the following items :

  * Project description
  * Small bio of the project members
  * Roadmap
  * Budget breakdown and envelope/budget
  * Address, mail and phone of the project leader

Applications should be sent to : 

The call for project planning is the following :

^ November 1st 2010 | Call for project and candidature are open |
^ February 28th 2011 | Limit date for project candidature to be sent |
^ March 15th 2011 | Project selection by PostgreSQLFr members  |
^ March 21st 2011 | Project selection publishing |

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