pgAdmin III v1.10.2 released

От: Guillaume Lelarge
Тема: pgAdmin III v1.10.2 released
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The pgAdmin Development Team is pleased to announce the release of
pgAdmin 1.10.2, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool
for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for
download in source and a variety of binary formats from:

v1.10.2 is primarily a bug fix release, including the following changes:

* Correctly save the position of a window.
* Fix the reverse engineering of a function with default parameters.
* Fix the favorites' saving function.
* Fix a query error when changing a parameter for a database, role/user
and a function.
* Fix the display of a type with a specific typmod.
* Correctly select the server choosen with the /s command-line argument.
* Fix the call to the Slony-I 2.0 storenode function.
* Fix display of the date/time chooser.


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