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as you may already know roughly a year ago the Linux Foundation has started
offering vendor neutral and even distribution agnostic certifications for
Linux sysadmins and engineers
(https://training.linuxfoundation.org/certification).  I mentioned to them
that in my opinion this is something that the PostgreSQL world would need as
well and they expressed an interest in developing one. But they don't want to
do it without community involvement.

Therefore I'd like to assemble a group here that has an interest in this topic
to discuss and figure out the details. Who'd be interested?

Also, since this may result in us taking about content, I think we should
create a dedicated and non-public mailing list for it. Or else it might not be
worth the effort. How would this actually be handled?

One core member already expressed an interest so I guess the information flow
will not be a problem.

Michael Meskes
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