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> Hi,
> I'm uning postgres 8.1 at P4 2.8GHz with 2GB RAM.
> (web server + database on the same server)
> Please, how long takes your connectiong to postgres?
> It takes more then 0.05s :(
> Only this function reduce server speed max to 20request per second.

I tried running the script a few times, and got substantially lower
start up times than you are getting. I'm using 8.1.11 on Debian on a 2x
Xeon CPU 2.40GHz with 3GB memory, so I don't think that would account
for the difference.

Generated in 0.0046 s
Generated in 0.0036 s
Generated in 0.0038 s
Generated in 0.0037 s
Generated in 0.0038 s
Generated in 0.0037 s
Generated in 0.0047 s
Generated in 0.0052 s
Generated in 0.005 s

Tommy Gildseth

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