PGCon - less than 4 weeks left!

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Тема: PGCon - less than 4 weeks left!
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It is April already.  It is less than four weeks until PGCon 2007
starts.  I hope you have your travel booked.  :)

We have a fantastic line up of great talks and tutorials.  All at
very afforable prices.  Have a look.   See what you'll be missing out
on if you don't come.

We have a good selection of BoFs arranged, but we can book more space
if you want run a BoF.

The t-shirts have been ordered, the lanyards are on their way, and
the  lunches have been booked.  There's not much left to do, but
we'll be busy right up until the last day of the conference.  :)

We have had tremendous support from our sponsors: Unisys, Afilias,
Google, Continuent, Catalyst, Omniti, OpenMFG, EnterpriseDB, EntenDB,
and EndPoint.  If you have dealings with these companies, please
express your appreciation for their help with PGCon.

If you would like to give a 5-minute talk about some PostgreSQL-
related project you are working on, please contact Josh Berkus,
.  Consider this to be a lightning talk or a Work in
Progress report.

I ask a favour: if you have a blog, please mention that you are
coming to PGCon.  Please mention the talks you are interested in and
feel free to link to the website (sometimes I get people asking
permission to do that).  Why?  Interest generates interest.  :)

Any questions, ask me.  Thanks.

See you at PGCon 2007.

Dan Langille
two conferences, one trip, great value: May 2007
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PGCon - The PostgreSQL Conference -

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