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Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
> Geoffrey wrote:
>> We are trying to attack this problem from multiple avenues, thus I'm
>> starting a separate thread.  This is with regard to the problem posted
>> via thread:
>> One thing we are seeing with this move to the new hardware (and rhas 4)
>> is database connection processes that are left over by users who have
>> exited the application.  I've attached to these processes via gdb and
>> find they all have the same backtrace.  Any insights into what might be
>> causing this issue would be appreciated.  Understand, we did not have
>> this problem on the previous hardware running on rhes 3.  Here is the
>> backtrace:
>> #0  0x00ba47a2 in _dl_sysinfo_int80 () from /lib/
>> #1  0x0019f1de in __lll_mutex_lock_wait () from /lib/tls/
>> #2  0x0019ca7a in _L_mutex_lock_23 () from /lib/tls/
>> #3  0xbfed9438 in ?? ()
>> #4  0x00c96a4e in pthread_cond_destroy@@GLIBC_2.3.2 () from
>> /lib/tls/
>> #5  0x00c96a4e in pthread_cond_destroy@@GLIBC_2.3.2 () from
>> /lib/tls/
>> #6  0x0015243f in critSec::~critSec () from
>> /usr/local/pcm170/
>> #7  0x003a48b8 in Comp_ZipFiles () from /usr/local/pcm170/
> /usr/local on RHEL should only contain software installed directly from
> source - what exactly is pcm170/libdalkutil ?

It is a third party package that we have build into the backend.
pcmiler.  We do not have source to it though.

> beside that - is pg actually compiled with debugging symbols on that
> platform ?

Not yet, I'm building it now, but I was hoping that the limited info
above might get us some insights.  I plan to try and recreate the
problem and reproduce a more useful backtrace after rebuilding
postgresql with debugging symbols.

Until later, Geoffrey

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