7.0RC1-0.5 RPMs available.

От: Lamar Owen
Тема: 7.0RC1-0.5 RPMs available.
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7.0RC1 RPM's for RedHat 6.x Intel now available for download from
ftp.postgresql.org.  Please read /usr/doc/postgresql-7.0RC1/README.rpm
after installation on a _development_ machine.

Initdb not required to upgrade from 7.0beta5; upgrade from prior to
beta5 REQUIRES initdb.  README.rpm still mentions beta5; which is Ok, as
little has changed for RC1. Dump/restore recommended for upgrading from
prior to 7.0beta5. While pg_upgrade _should_ work,  there has been a
report of problems with a pg_upgrade'd database.  Dump/restore REQUIRED
for upgrade from prior to 6.5.  I need testers for the upgrade from
various versions -- read README.rpm and use postgresql-dump accordingly.

Alpha patch not included in this RPM iteration; another RPM will be
released when Ryan has RC1 alpha patches available, or the beta5
linux-alpha patches are shown to work well with RC1.

Binary RPMS:
Source RPM:

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