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In, "Chapter 9. Adding and Deleting Users" it says:

"createuser enables specific users to access Postgres. destroyuser
removes users and prevents them from accessing Postgres. Note that these
commands only affect users with respect to Postgres; they have no effect
on users other privileges or status with regards to the underlying
operating system."

In v6.4 their needs to be a space between "create" and "user".  And
"destroyuser should be
"drop user"

In the Admin manual under Chapter 12, "Managing a Database" subtitle,
"Creating a Database" it says:

"If Postgres refuses to create databases for you, then the site
administrator needs to grant you permission to create databases. Consult
your site administrator if this occurs."

The above statement might be fine in the User's guide, but the intended
audience for the Administrator's manual, should be administrators.  It
drives me nuts, (and I know it does others too) when manuals tell
administrators to consult their administrator.

Please, change this section to document how administrator's can manage
database creation permissions or at least add a link to where it does
describe it.  I did manage to figure it out by typing, "\h create user".

Other than those nit picks, I'm glad to see the level of documentation
provided in the package.  I'm looking forward to learning PostgreSQL!


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