First release of pg_dumpbinary is out

От: Gilles Darold
Тема: First release of pg_dumpbinary is out
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Grenoble, France - August 30th, 2019

pg_dumpbinary is a program used to dump a PostgreSQL database with
data dumped in binary format. The resulting dump must be restored
using pg_restorebinary that is provided with this tool.

pg_dumpbinary 1.0 was released today, this release is the first public

pg_dumpbinary is useful in some situations:

* you have bytea that can not be exported by pg_dump because the
  total size of the escape/hex output exceed 1Gb.
* you have custom type that stores `\0` internally in bytea but data
  are returned as char/varchar/text which truncate data after
  the '\0'. In this case pg_dump will export data in the output
  type which will result in data lost.
* any other case where pg_dump run in plain text, custom and
  directory format is failing to export your data correctly.

If you are in this case pg_dumpbinary will help you by dumping the
PostgreSQL database in binary format. In all other cases you must
use the pg_dump/pg_restore commands distributed with PostgreSQL.

The program creates a directory with the name given as parameter for
the backup then it dump pre-data and post-data section using pg_dump
in this directory.

pg_dumpbinary use the SQL COPY command to dump and restore all
data in binary format from all tables. The COPY statement looks

    COPY my_table TO stdout WITH (FORMAT binary);

pg_dumpbinary creates consistent backups, the database server needs
to support synchronized snapshots, a feature that was introduced in
PG 9.2 for primary servers and 10 for standbys. pg_dumpbinary will
refuse to dump database that do not respect these minimum versions.

See documentation for a complete description of the features.

===== Links & Credits =====

pg_dumpbinary is an open project. Any contribution to build a better
tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests
or patches using the GitHub tools or directly to .

Links :

* Documentation:
* Download:
* Support: use GitHub report tool at

Gilles Darold

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