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Chris <> writes:
>>> I have a suggestion, as well: I think the PostgreSQL documentatio could
>>> use a section that discusses all the maintenance issues in one place.
>> I agree.  Do I hear a volunteer to write it?

> I'd be interested in looking at it.
> Is it just this todo item : Add mention of VACUUM, log rotation to
> Administrator's Guide ?

That was added as a result of the thread starting at

There are two things I think we need: one is a discussion of each of
these topics (which AFAIR are presently discussed nowhere); the other
is a short "checklist of maintenance concerns" that links to longer
discussions of each relevant topic.  For example, there's already a
discussion of backup methods, but it'd be good if that were listed in a
checklist of things for the budding admin to think about.

Or you could reorganize the Admin Guide so that backup and these other
things are sections in a Maintenance chapter.  Not sure if that'd be

            regards, tom lane

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