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Robert Haas wrote:
> I think you're reading something into what I wrote that wasn't really there.

Great to hear. As you can see from my question I didn't really believe my
interpretation myself. Thanks for clarifying.

> How would they develop such a course, except with the help of
> PostgreSQL community members?

Right, they need somebody who knows PostgreSQL good enough. I'll grant you
that. However, that somebody does not necessarily have be involved with the

> I am not sure that certification has much use apart from such
> commercial details.  I would not personally be willing to spend time
> developing curriculum for a certification unless somebody paid me to
> do it.  And the only reason that I can imagine somebody paying me to
> do it is if it increased the value of a training class which the
> person or organization paying that money was also providing.

Fair enough.

> Now, it could be that I just need a better imagination.  However, in
> my experience, curriculum development is a lot of work.  If it's done
> for free, I think it's not likely to be high quality.  And if it's
> high quality, I think it will be because people with experience in
> both PostgreSQL and curriculum development got paid to spend a lot of
> time creating it, and then more time updating it each time a new
> release comes out.  I would be very happy if someone volunteered to do
> all of that work on an ongoing basis for no money and then did a great
> job.  I would be even happier if some company volunteered to fund that
> work on an ongoing basis in a way that benefited not only that company
> but the whole community.  Although I would be happy about those

This is exactly what the Linux Foundation  seems to be offering, is it not?

> outcomes, I do not think that they are likely.  We can seek volunteers
> for small tasks, but for things that take really large chunks of time
> people usually need to be paid.

Nobody expects us to do anything but in a sense endorse it.

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