pgDay Santiago 2019 -- call for papers and call for sponsors

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Тема: pgDay Santiago 2019 -- call for papers and call for sponsors
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The call for papers and sponsors for pgDay Santiago 2019 is open!

We're pleased to announce that pgDay Santiago 2019 is now accepting talk
proposals.  pgday Santiago 2019 is the first PostgreSQL dedicated
conference in Santiago de Chile, focused on users and developers of
PostgreSQL and related technologies.  If you're doing something
interesting with PostgreSQL, we would like to hear your story.

The conference will take place in Hotel Director, Av. Vitacura 3600,
Santiago, Chile, on October 29th 2019.

Talks in Spanish and English are welcome.  Talks will last for 35
minutes with additional time for questions.  All PostgreSQL-related
topics are welcome.  The following topics are some examples of what we'd
like to hear about:

* New features in PostgreSQL 12
* PostgreSQL 13: what's cooking for the next one?
* Management of large PostgreSQL deployments
* Case studies, migration stories, user stories, support stories
* Tools and utilities for PostgreSQL
* Stories or tooling for performance, tuning, management, etc
* Replication, clustering, high availability, disaster recovery, backups
* Performance benchmarking
* Orchestration, automation, DevOps, continuous integration

Please send your talk proposals via
This CfP closes on September 15th.  The results will be presented on
October 1st.

We thank our talk selection committee:
* Jean-Paul Argudo
* Gianni Ciolli
* Boriss Mejías
* Fabrízio de Royes Mello
* Yudisney Vázquez

We still have room available for sponsors.  If you would like to support
the PostgreSQL community in Chile, please visit: or contact us at .

We hope to see you there,

pgDay Santiago organization team

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От: Alvaro Herrera
Сообщение: pgDay Santiago 2019 -- call for papers and call for sponsors
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