MDRaid or LSI MegaRAID?

От: Rory Campbell-Lange
Тема: MDRaid or LSI MegaRAID?
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We're buying some new Postgres servers with 

    2 x 240GB Intel SSD S4610 (RAID1 : system)
    4 x 960GB Intel SSD S4610 (RAID10 : db)

We'll be using Postgres 11 on Debian.

We aren't sure whether to use MDRaid or a MegaRAID card
The MegaRAID 9271-8i with flash cache protection is available from our
provider. I think they may also have the 9361-8i which is 12Gb/s.

Our current servers which use the 9261 with SSD don't see any IO load as
we are in RAM most of the time and the RAID card seems to flatten out
any spikes.

We use MDRaid but we've never used it for our databases before.

Advice gratefully received.


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