[ANNOUNCE] PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) v2.1.0 released

От: Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
Тема: [ANNOUNCE] PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) v2.1.0 released
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===== Announce =====

PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) v2.1.0 has been released on December
23rd 2016 under the PostgreSQL licence.

To download the sources, a RPM or a DEB package, see:

===== Introduction =====

PAF is a new PostgreSQL resource agent for Pacemaker. Its original aim is to
keep it clear between the Pacemaker administration and the PostgreSQL one, to
keep things simple, documented and yet powerful.

PAF has very few parameters to setup and very few requirements:

  * setting up streaming replication by yourself
  * requires "application_name=$hostname" in primary_conninfo
  * requires "recovery_target_timeline = 'latest'"
  * requires "standby_mode = on"

It deals with the start/stop order of PostgreSQL clusters in the replication
cluster, the failover obviously, the switchover, the role swapping between the
master and one of its slaves, etc.

===== Links =====

Source code and releases are available on github:

  * https://github.com/dalibo/PAF/
  * https://github.com/dalibo/PAF/releases

Documentation, quick starts, cookbook and support as well:

  * http://dalibo.github.io/PAF/
  * http://dalibo.github.io/PAF/documentation.html
  * https://github.com/dalibo/PAF/issues

Please, use the pgsql-general mailing list if you have questions.

Any feedback, bug report, patch is welcomed.

Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais

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