== PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 22 2013 ==

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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 22 2013 ==

The CfP for PGConf NYC 2014 is open through January 10, 2014.
Notifications will go out on January 15, 2014.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

psqlODBC 09.03.0100 released.

== PostgreSQL Jobs for December ==


== PostgreSQL Local ==

FOSDEM PGDay, a one day conference held before FOSDEM in Brussels,
Belgium, will be on Jan 31st, 2014.  Details:

The 7th annual "Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day" (P2D2) conference
organized by CSPUG (Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL Users Group), will be
held on February 6, 2014 at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
Charles University (Malostranske namesti 25, Prague).  Czech language
info below.  The CfP will be open through 2014/01/03.

The CfP for PGCon 2014 is open through January 19, 2014.

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Planet PostgreSQL: http://planet.postgresql.org/

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter

Submit news and announcements by Sunday at 3:00pm Pacific time.
Please send English language ones to , German language
to , Italian language to .  Spanish language
to .

== Applied Patches ==

Heikki Linnakangas pushed:

- Mark variables 'static' where possible. Move GinFuzzySearchLimit to
  ginget.c.  Per "clang -Wmissing-variable-declarations" output,
  posted by Andres Freund.  I didn't silence all those warnings,
  though, only the most obvious cases.

Alvaro Herrera pushed:

- Rework tuple freezing protocol.  Tuple freezing was broken in
  connection to MultiXactIds; commit 8e53ae025de9 tried to fix it, but
  didn't go far enough.  As noted by Noah Misch, freezing a tuple
  whose Xmax is a multi containing an aborted update might cause locks
  in the multi to go ignored by later transactions.  This is because
  the code depended on a multixact above their cutoff point not having
  any lock-only member older than the cutoff point for Xids, which is
  easily defeated in READ COMMITTED transactions.  The fix for this
  involves creating a new MultiXactId when necessary.  But this cannot
  be done during WAL replay, and moreover multixact examination
  requires using CLOG access routines which are not supposed to be
  used during WAL replay either; so tuple freezing cannot be done with
  the old freeze WAL record.  Therefore, separate the freezing
  computation from its execution, and change the WAL record to carry
  all necessary information.  At WAL replay time, it's easy to
  re-execute freezing because we don't need to re-compute the new
  infomask/Xmax values but just take them from the WAL record.  While
  at it, restructure the coding to ensure all page changes occur in a
  single critical section without much room for failures.  The
  previous coding wasn't using a critical section, without any
  explanation as to why this was acceptable.  In replication scenarios
  using the 9.3 branch, standby servers must be upgraded before their
  master, so that they are prepared to deal with the new WAL record
  once the master is upgraded; failure to do so will cause WAL replay
  to die with a PANIC message.  Later upgrade of the standby will
  allow the process to continue where it left off, so there's no
  disruption of the data in the standby in any case.  Standbys know
  how to deal with the old WAL record, so it's okay to keep the master
  running the old code for a while.  In master, the old freeze WAL
  record is gone, for cleanliness' sake; there's no compatibility
  concern there.  Backpatch to 9.3, where the original bug was
  introduced and where the previous fix was backpatched.  Álvaro
  Herrera and Andres Freund

- Don't ignore tuple locks propagated by our updates.  If a tuple was
  locked by transaction A, and transaction B updated it, the new
  version of the tuple created by B would be locked by A, yet visible
  only to B; due to an oversight in HeapTupleSatisfiesUpdate, the lock
  held by A wouldn't get checked if transaction B later deleted (or
  key-updated) the new version of the tuple.  This might cause
  referential integrity checks to give false positives (that is, allow
  deletes that should have been rejected).  This is an easy oversight
  to have made, because prior to improved tuple locks in commit
  0ac5ad5134f it wasn't possible to have tuples created by our own
  transaction that were also locked by remote transactions, and so
  locks weren't even considered in that code path.  It is recommended
  that foreign keys be rechecked manually in bulk after installing
  this update, in case some referenced rows are missing with some
  referencing row remaining.  Per bug reported by Daniel Wood in

- Optimize updating a row that's locked by same xid.  Updating or
  locking a row that was already locked by the same transaction under
  the same Xid caused a MultiXact to be created; but this is
  unnecessary, because there's no usefulness in being able to
  differentiate two locks by the same transaction.  In particular, if
  a transaction executed SELECT FOR UPDATE followed by an UPDATE that
  didn't modify columns of the key, we would dutifully represent the
  resulting combination as a multixact -- even though a single
  key-update is sufficient.  Optimize the case so that only the
  strongest of both locks/updates is represented in Xmax.  This can
  save some Xmax's from becoming MultiXacts, which can be a
  significant optimization.  This missed optimization opportunity was
  spotted by Andres Freund while investigating a bug reported by
  Oliver Seemann in message
  and also directly as a performance regression reported by Dong Ye in
  message  Reportedly,
  this patch fixes the performance regression.  Since the missing
  optimization was reported as a significant performance regression
  from 9.2, backpatch to 9.3.  Andres Freund, tweaked by Álvaro

- Make stdout unbuffered.  This ensures that all stdout output is
  flushed immediately, to match stderr.  This eliminates the need for
  fflush(stdout) calls sprinkled all over the place.  Per Daniel Wood
  in message 

- isolationtester: Ensure stderr is unbuffered, too

- Avoid useless palloc during transaction commit.  We can allocate the
  initial relations-to-drop array when first needed, instead of at
  function entry; this avoids allocating it when the function is not
  going to do anything, which is most of the time.  Backpatch to 9.3,
  where this behavior was introduced by commit 279628a0a7cf5.  There's
  more that could be done here, such as possible reworking of the code
  to avoid having to palloc anything, but that doesn't sound as
  backpatchable as this relatively minor change.  Per complaint from
  Noah Misch in 

Bruce Momjian pushed:

- Comment:  COPY comment improvement.  Etsuro Fujita

- Fix incorrect error message reported for non-existent users.
  Previously, lookups of non-existent user names could return
  "Success"; it will now return "User does not exist" by resetting
  errno.  This also centralizes the user name lookup code in
  libpgport.  Report and analysis by Nicolas Marchildon;  patch by me

- Move pg_upgrade_support global variables to their own include file.
  Previously their declarations were spread around to avoid accidental

Tatsuo Ishii pushed:

- Add ALTER SYSTEM command to edit the server configuration file.
  Patch contributed by Amit Kapila. Reviewed by Hari Babu, Masao
  Fujii, Boszormenyi Zoltan, Andres Freund, Greg Smith and others.

Robert Haas pushed:

- Allow on-detach callbacks for dynamic shared memory segments.  Just
  as backends must clean up their shared memory state (releasing
  lwlocks, buffer pins, etc.) before exiting, they must also perform
  any similar cleanups related to dynamic shared memory segments they
  have mapped before unmapping those segments.  So add a mechanism to
  ensure that.  Existing on_shmem_exit hooks include both "user level"
  cleanup such as transaction abort and removal of leftover temporary
  relations and also "low level" cleanup that forcibly released
  leftover shared memory resources.  On-detach callbacks should run
  after the first group but before the second group, so create a new
  before_shmem_exit function for registering the early callbacks and
  keep on_shmem_exit for the regular callbacks.  (An earlier draft of
  this patch added an additional argument to on_shmem_exit, but that
  had a much larger footprint and probably a substantially higher risk
  of breaking third party code for no real gain.) Patch by me,
  reviewed by KaiGai Kohei and Andres Freund.

- Fix compiler warning.  get_user_name returns const char *, but we
  were assigning the result to a char * variable.

- pg_prewarm, a contrib module for prewarming relationd data.  Patch
  by me.  Review by Álvaro Herrera, Amit Kapila, Jeff Janes, Gurjeet
  Singh, and others.

- Change the way we mark tuples as frozen.  Instead of changing the
  tuple xmin to FrozenTransactionId, the combination of
  HEAP_XMIN_COMMITTED and HEAP_XMIN_INVALID, which were previously
  never set together, is now defined as HEAP_XMIN_FROZEN.  A variety
  of previous proposals to freeze tuples opportunistically before
  vacuum_freeze_min_age is reached have foundered on the objection
  that replacing xmin by FrozenTransactionId might hinder debugging
  efforts when things in this area go awry; this patch is intended to
  solve that problem by keeping the XID around (but largely ignoring
  the value to which it is set).  Third-party code that checks for
  HEAP_XMIN_INVALID on tuples where HEAP_XMIN_COMMITTED might be set
  will be broken by this change.  To fix, use the new accessor macros
  in htup_details.h rather than consulting the bits directly.
  HeapTupleHeaderGetXmin has been modified to return
  FrozenTransactionId when the infomask bits indicate that the tuple
  is frozen; use HeapTupleHeaderGetRawXmin when you already know that
  the tuple isn't marked commited or frozen, or want the raw value
  anyway.  We currently do this in routines that display the xmin for
  user consumption, in tqual.c where it's known to be safe and
  important for the avoidance of extra cycles, and in the
  function-caching code for various procedural languages, which
  shouldn't invalidate the cache just because the tuple gets frozen.
  Robert Haas and Andres Freund

Fujii Masao pushed:

- Fix typo in docs for min_recovery_apply_delay.  Bernd Helmle

- Add tab completion for ALTER SYSTEM SET in psql.

- Rename wal_log_hintbits to wal_log_hints, per discussion on
  pgsql-hackers.  Sawada Masahiko

Peter Eisentraut pushed:

- Upgrade to Autoconf 2.69

== Rejected Patches (for now) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Pending Patches ==

KaiGai Kohei sent in another revision of a patch to implement a
CustomScan API and use same in FDWs.

Andres Freund sent in a patch to prevent "replica identity" messages
from being sent for system tables.

Tatsuo Ishii sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement a

MauMau sent in two revisions of a patch to fix an issue where disk
space increases unnecessarily while performing archive recovery.

Heikki Linnakangas sent in a flock of patches to improve GIN indexing
by storing some additional information.

David Rowley sent in five more revisions of a patch to implement
inverse transition functions.

MauMau sent in a patch to fix an issue where ECPG does not recognize
service files.

Emre Hasegeli sent in a patch to implement GiST indexing support for
inet datatypes.

Mitsumasa KONDO sent in another revision of a patch to optimize kernel
readahead using buffer access strategy.

Pavel Stehule sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement a
simple function to make timestamps.

Christian Kruse sent in a patch to show xid and xmin in pg_stat_activity
and pg_stat_replication.

Maciek Sakrejda sent in a patch to fix the documentation for VACUUM
FREEZE, which was missing a reference to the vacuum_freeze_table_age

Robert Haas sent in two more revisions of a patch to preserve forensic
information when freezing.

Robert Haas sent in another revision of a patch to implement CLUSTER

MauMau sent in two more revisions of a patch to fix an issue where
pg_ctl always uses the same event source.

Marko (johto) Tiikkaja sent in a patch to implement a one-argument
form of array_length which requires (i.e. errors out unless) the
following conditions hold: that the array is one-dimensional; that its
lowest bound is 1.

Peter Geoghegan sent in another revision of a patch to implement

Haribabu Kommi sent in another revision of a patch to allow specifying
an alternate pg_xlog directory in pg_basebackup.

MauMau sent in a patch to fix a bug in psql where \copy doesn't end if
the backend is killed.

Pavel Stehule sent in another revision of a patch to add an if-exists
option to pg_dump and pg_restore.

Oskari Saarenmaa sent in a patch to make various variables read-only

Pavel Stehule sent in a patch to implement a make_interval function
similar to the make_timestamp functions already submitted.

Pavel Raiskup sent in a patch to make pg_upgrade's locale comparison
more tolerant.

Fabien COELHO sent in a patch to fix a bug in the ISN extension.

Amit Kapila sent in a patch to fix an issue with ALTER SYSTEM where
error_conf_filename was not displayed.

Alexander Korotkov sent in another WIP revision of a patch to
implement partial sorting as a planner optimization.

Amit Kapila sent in a patch to fix an issue with ALTER SYSTEM where
PGC_BACKEND GUCs were not being handled correctly.

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