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Good morning List 

In relation to the process of tuning the engine PostgreSQL database, especially 
7.3.7 version that is being used currently, agreaceria me clarify a procedure 

If I have a server with 2 GB of RAM, it is said that the shared memory segment for 
the engine of the database on a dedicated server should be between 25% and maximum 33% of the RAM. 

I'm doing the calculation would be the next agradeze I confirm if I am 

1 MB = 1,048,576 
  * 2 = 2097152 1048576 
25% would be 2097152 * 25 / 100 = 524288 
Then the shared_buffers should be 524288 / 8 = 65536 for 25% of 2 GB 
or should be 524 288? 


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