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On Thursday 10 April 2008 16:49, Roberts, Jon wrote:
> > > I am moving from Windows to Solaris and I need pgcrypto and dblink.
> > >  Where are these?  I don't see anything in the configure that
> suggests
> > it
> >
> > >  is even an option.
> >
> > They're not handled by 'configure'.  They are in the 'contrib'
> > directory in the source tree, and you install them by first installing
> > PG itself, then go into the module directory, e.g. 'contrib/pgcrypto',
> > and running 'make'.
> Thanks so much!
> Wouldn't it make sense to add a section to this page that describes the
> contrib process?
> I had thought all of the installation options were set using configure.
> A post installation step is fine but I think it needs to be documented
> as such.

There are instructions on how to install them at, but your right
they don't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the install section.  I'm not
sure where it should go, but perhaps making it 15.6.1 and bumping the other
items down a notch.

Robert Treat
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