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Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
[ There is text before PGP section. ]
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Joshua proposed:
> !    In November 2007 a classic Open Source debate took place on whether
> !    or not to change the name of the PostgreSQL project to Postgres.
> !    It was decided that Postgres would be an officially recognized
> !    nickname but that the name would remain PostgreSQL. Postgres was
> !    the original name of the project at Berkeley and is strongly
> !    preferred over other nicknames. If you find 'PostgreSQL' hard
> !    to pronounce, call it 'Postgres' instead.
> !
> The debate has certainly spread well before (and after) November 2007.
> Not sure what makes it a "classic Open Source debate" either. Because
> it was debated in the open? I think the "decision" was basically
> Core's punting of making the tough but necessary decision to make
> the project name pronounceable once again (if I can add some spin
> of my own :). If we are going to say "It was decided", we need
> to state who (Core) actually did the decreeing / deciding.
> In case it wasn't clear, I'm not in support of changing the FAQ
> as proposed above.

In looking at it now I see the Berkeley sentence isn't necessary so I
just remove it.  (It was copied from the documentation.)  New text:

    <P>Postgres is a widely-used nickname for PostgreSQL.  If you find
    'PostgreSQL' hard to pronounce, call it 'Postgres' instead.</P>

Shorter is better in the FAQ.

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