pyswarm 0.7.0 released - MDD for Python & PostgreSQL

От: Anastasios Hatzis
Тема: pyswarm 0.7.0 released - MDD for Python & PostgreSQL
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pyswarm 0.7.0 released - MDD for Python & PostgreSQL
Generated Scripts for Installation of Python Packages and PostgreSQL Databases

23 APRIL 2007: pyswarm 0.7.0 is the "Young Pickerl" mile-stone release of
pyswarm. One of the goals for this prototype was to proof by a few features,
that model-driven software development isn't only limited to improvements
of the creation of Python applications, but can automatize even the deployment
of such generated Python packages and the PostgreSQL databases. Please visit for downloads or detail information.

Version 0.7.0 uses a given UML model to create distutils-based setup artefacts
that allow the quick and easy installation of the generated Python packages.
Since pyswarm is still a prototype under heavy development, the applied Python
setup procedure does not support the distribution over multiple nodes yet, so
the entire application is installed as a single Python site-package on the
local host.

Each custom application also contains a Python script ( that can be
used to set-up the corresponding PostgreSQL databases of the application,
either one single database, all databases on a particular host, or just all
databases that are specified in the UML model. is also capable to
create corresponding login-roles or to drop and re-create databases, which
should help developers to play quickly with new applications.

In addition, 0.7.0 now encourages the consequent use of pyswarm naming
conventions based on Python Style Guide (PEP #8) in the custom model and
application domain. I have also fixed some bugs which I detected while working
on the new features.

The pyswarm documentation and the projects example directory have been updated
and can be seperately downloaded from the project web-site. In order to test
the SDK yourself download of the projects directory is strongly recommended.

For detail information please read the CHANGES.txt coming with the

This release is purposed for study only. It is not recommended to use
for production environment.

Anastasios Hatzis

About pyswarm
pyswarm is an active code-generator for model-driven development (MDD)
of database-centric and n-tier server applications. Business logic is
written entirely in Python and can be customized either in UML models
or in complex Python method implementations, as elegant and powerful as code
in Python can be. PostgreSQL is used as reliable database-server by the
generated business logic components to store persistent entity objects.
pyswarm is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The licensor
is the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE).

Downloads and information:

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